Mac Blackjack

Mac Spider Solitaire is closely integrated with the Mac Spider cloud based database hosted on this website. Each spider game is assigned a unique game number. The game numbers allow different players to compete for the best times while playing the exact same games.

The Mac Spider website also maintains leaderboards showing the best overall times for one, two, and four suit spider games. The unique game numbers also allow for competitions for given game number ranges, like the Top 25 Challenge. You simply copy a game number from the website and paste it into the "Replay Game" window in the game. Winning game results are sent back to the Mac Spider cloud database. Game results are anonymous by default, but you do have the option to enter a name for the leaderboards. Choose "Cloud Sharing..." from the Mac Spider Options Menu to enter a cloud name. Remember that your cloud name will be publicly visible on the leaderboards, so don't use any personal identifiable information.

If you would like to play a specific game number, or take part in a competition involving a specific game number, then choose "Replay Game" from Mac Spider's File Menu. The window shown below will open in the game. Type in or paste the game number, select the number of suits you want to play, and then press the "Replay" button. If you have an active Internet connection then the game results are sent back to the Mac Spider cloud database when you complete the game.

For example, the front page on "" incudes a daily challenge game that changes every 24 hours. You can take part in the daily challenge by entering the Daily Challenge game number in the "Replay Game" window. Everyone taking part in the challenge will be playing the exact same game. The best winning time will be shown on the front page. Here is today's number:




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