Mac Blackjack

Mac Spider Solitaire is a full featured spider solitaire game designed exclusively for Mac OS X. It plays one, two, or four suit spider solitaire. It includes numbered games, a multitude of appearance options, undo, redo, secondary mouse support, keyboard shortcuts, hints, card peeking, and much more.

It's also closely integrated with the Mac Spider cloud based database hosted on this website. Each spider game you play is assigned a unique game number. The game numbers allow different players to compete for the best times while playing the exact same games. Of course, you can also play randomly generated game numbers if you prefer.

The Mac Spider website also maintains leaderboards showing the best overall times for one, two, and four suit spider games. The unique game numbers also allow for competitions for given game number ranges, like the Top 25 Challenge. You simply copy a game number from the website and paste it into the "Replay Game" window in the game. Winning game results are sent back to the Mac Spider cloud database. You can enter a name for the leaderboards, or play anonymously if you prefer.

Download Mac Spider Solitaire to join the Mac Spider community of players.

- Mac Spider is a 22MB compressed zip file. -
It will be downloaded to your 'Downloads' folder. Double-click on the zip file to decompress the game app.
Your 'System Preferences'->'Security & Privacy' settings must be set to allow downloads from 'identified developers'.


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